It is always great to hear from former Manningites and many times they tell me very complementary comments about the community as a whole.
Recently I received this e-mail from Linda (Mundt) MHS 1964. I thought her comments about Manning should be featured in the Manning Monitor so I responded to her message and we worked out the message she wanted in the paper, which is featured as an image below the e-mail message.

I appreciate it when people, who once lived here, relay messages about how proud they are to have been a part of the community and give complementary kudos to the people of the Manning community who currently live here, with so many of them who are also proud of their community and help in so many ways.

On 8/28/2023 12:31 PM, Linda Stolfus wrote:
Hi Dave, Just want to say that was very special to see and read all you have on your website especially the new Manning 1966 feature I read a couple days ago. I enjoyed it all.
It's close to my class of 1964, actually the year my sister Jan graduated. I saw a picture of my little brother at the time sitting on the folk's front porch with friends (Dean) in the second set and a picture of brother Terry in grade school in the third set I believe it was. There were a lot of things I recognized and the people also from that time frame.
You do a tremendous job with your website. I live in northern Iowa so thoroughly enjoy reading and seeing the pictures you put on here. I haven't been in Manning in years but is good to see your site for sure.
You could put other years on in my era as well. It's always nice to remise of days gone by.
One last thing I have always wanted to do is contact the Manning Monitor or maybe the Chamber and let you people know what a super job you have done with our small town in keeping everything so nice, up to date, whatever it needs done you do it. The new park down the street from the folk's house where Dad's bulk tanks were at is beautiful as well, my girls used to go down there with their cousins to the totem pole in their younger days. Also your water slide is another special item for kids. I could go on and on, but I just want to congratulate Manning as a whole for all they do to keep that small town clean and beautiful.
So you can see I look at your website all the time to see if anything is going on or I recognize someone you have on. And thank you for classmate Ruby's tribute as I didn't know she passed away.

Sincerely, Linda Stolfus

Featured on the front page of the September 21, 2023, Manning Monitor.

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