Some Christmas songs

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As of December 25, 2023, I finally finished editing all of the Santa pix, but still have a few other Weihnachtasfest pix to work on and will add to this feature...

December 11 update:

The wonderment of youth.

December 8 update:
Well, I'm about half way through the Santa pix.
Between outside jobs that come up and finally getting over this annoying cold, the editing process has been slow, but one of these days I should be able to finally post the Weihnachtsfest event.

Precious life that needs to be protected from several groups with political and control agendas.

December 3 update:
I'm still fighting this sinus cold but slowly continue to work on the Santa pix.
I was telling someone the other day, I really don't know why I take all this extra time to edit and post the Santa pix anymore...most people have camera phones.
When I started my web page in 1996, I was the only one with a digital camera posting pictures from this area so it was very unique and those who started logging on to the Internet could look at my stuff. Then slowly more people got their own digital cameras and eventually the social medias came along which made it easy for them to post their pix and not have to learn how to code a web page or spend money on the domain, so my little corner of cyberspace became very small with less people browsing it.
I also remember the poor quality digital imagery at first - especially in low light and/or action photography.
But one thing I seldom had to do back then was to digitally edit and clean up the faces of people on those pix - the images were so small and resolution so low that you weren't able to see the little defects on faces.
This example below shows what I'm referring to - this kid had been eating something - maybe a chocolate candy bar and as you can see, some of it ended up on the lips.
You can also see little shiny perspiration droplets and shiny areas of moisture on the lips.
Now I could just post my pictures unedited, but I really don't think most people would appreciate my larger/high resolution images of them that show these things.



2003 image that I resized to match the size of the present day images.

This is the actual 2003 size/resolution of the cropped face.

Mrs. Claus (Joan Mohr), Santa (Russ Mohr)
Original 2003 resolution 18x14 inches by 72dpi

As you can see, the faces aren't as sharp/clear as today's digital pix.
But they are still precious to have, especially when someone in the picture is deceased, as are Joan & Russ...

Different reactions by sisters to Santa

This is what kids today need to be about - happy-go-lucky and allowed to "just be kids!"

As of November 28/29 I've apparently caught a cold and sore throat at Weihnachtsfest so I haven't felt like working on Santa pictures but I'm up to 202 of the 760 total pix.
So for those of you who are waiting to see them, please be patient with me...thanks.

If anyone is interested - as of November 28, I'm on 180 of 760 total pictures to edit, so a ways to go yet.
I could just upload them as is, like pretty much everyone else does, but I don't think most people would like the high resolution images that show all of our little facial defects we have and in some cases amplify them.
This was never a problem when I got my first digital camera in the early 1990s as back then they weren't high resolution and not as sharp a digital image so you wouldn't see the defects like show up now.
So I do a lot of digital touch-up and editing to make us all look a "little prettier..." but this takes a lot of my time and why I don't just post stuff right away.
I also edit them for the browser which uses a different color profile than a graphics program so while the images look great in Photoshop they look different in the browsers - especially red hues which are almost always a problem with photography...and if a person copies that image edited for the browser, then it will look/print more washed out than the original unedited image. Not sure why they can't resolve this situation.

Weihnachtsfest 2023 in Manning, Iowa

108 years ago these bricks were laid on Main Street
Lots of snow has been cleared since then.