Strange weather - abnormal weather
This is what is actually NORMAL...people just like to average things out and then call that normal.

Don't tell me I'm wrong and you are right.
There are TOO many absolutists out there today who know they are right and anyone who disagrees with them is wrong and needs to be denied their Freedom of Speech Rights.
No one can prove things like this one way or the other...unless maybe you are Methuselah!
Every year I hear people exclaim that weather is drastically different than when they were young...that they've NEVER seen it this wet, this hot, this snowy, this windy, this cold, this stormy...yet when I tell them events I remember that were just as extreme both recently and in the past, they scoff at me and then I tell them many times that I have the pictures to prove it.
Plus I also have historical information and news articles in my database that tell of extreme weather events LONG before any of us were born.

We've had severe weather again this spring - just like somewhere EVERY year - it just depends if you are where it happens to occur that year.

We had severe tornado damage at a nearby cemetery this spring, and up in Northern Iowa they've recently had extreme flooding, but is this anything new or worse than in the past?

When I tell people about the 5 major floods we had during the spring of 1974, so far NO one has any memories of this event...even though it's not all that long ago.
When the tornado hit the nearby cemetery, and there was a church destroyed recently in another state I think about the Trinity Lutheran Church that now sits at the Manning Heritage Park. Most people don't realize its "Twin" was destroyed by a tornado in March 1913 - the "Omaha tornado system" that destroyed much of North Omaha at that time.

Whenever there is an extreme weather event, I hear the pseudoscientists and pseudoclimatologists and anal-retentive politicians and puppet newscasters tell us the world is being destroyed by human activity.
Maybe weather is worse now but tell me - what was the weather like 200 years ago, 500 years ago, 1050 years ago, 3798 years ago, 4632 years ago etc.?
NO ONE knows.
They can use ice cores, tree rings, carbon dating, soil deposits, and on and on, but that doesn't tell us what happened here in Manning, Iowa, or all of the other locations on Earth at any one specific point in time in the past.

Not even living as long as Methuselah is old enough to be able to give a perspective of climate/weather change one way or the other.

Spring of 1974 - the last of 5 major floods that spring.
This image shows the waters receding, but our well (just beyond the cattle fence) was under water 5 times that spring.

This is when we realized that the so-called "Minimum till" practices used at that time don't work and why we started no-tilling.
Dad had given up the plow as a major tillage tool in the early 1960s but the disk and minimum tillage still caused way too much erosion.

Spring of 1974 - the last of 5 major floods that spring.

Easter Sunday, March 23, 1913, a tornado blew down the original Trinity Lutheran Church.
This picture was taken the next day - notice the SNOW!!!

Recently I worked on more obituaries and noticed this interesting tidbit.
Mary Ellen (Swank) Higday was born July 9, 1936, on one of the hottest days of that decade. It was 117 degrees that day. She was born Southwest of Kellerton, Iowa, in Athens Township in the Salem community at her great-grandparents, Ed and Ida Greenman's home place.

I'm not a climate change denier, but a skeptic as to if and/or what is causing what might appear to be changes in our weather and climate, and more importantly, whether or not human activity is causing 1% of the change, 50%, 100% OR NONE of the change because it's natural - NO one knows and anyone who claims to know should be questioned and forced to PROVE IT! - Which they can't!

If you don't agree with me that is your RIGHT, but it is my constitutional right to write, say, and believe what I want.

The same is true for you - but don't try to take away MY RIGHTS!!!

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