Please help with the Manning Veterans' history book project

We are looking for all types of military and service information for all branches of the U.S. military and National Guard, including pictures of the Veteran, boot camp, service overseas, pictures from war zones.

Please Do NOT tear or cut out pictures from your albums.
I can scan the whole page in your album and not do any damage at all to the pictures or album.

First-hand stories are a high priority.
If you are willing to write your own autobiography that would be great!
If the Veteran in your family has passed away - maybe you could write down the stories you remember hearing.
Include whatever else you know about that Veteran that pertains to their service.

If we can and are able to find someone to interview a Manning Veteran please contact Dave Kusel using the e-mail address below.

We also will feature the American Legion and V.F.W Auxiliaries including photos and information pertaining to their support projects and fundraisers.

We want newspaper clippings that feature the Veteran (especially newspapers articles published other than the Manning Monitor).

Service medals, bars, certificates, ribbons and all types of military papers are wanted to scan.
We especially want to use letters written home from bootcamp and from overseas. This includes the modern day e-mails.

Did the Veteran keep a log, diary or other type of record keeping system during their time of service?
We would like this information transcribed to use in the book. We also want to scan sample images of the Veterans' own hand writing.

We need original pictures to scan. If you make a copy or scan the photos yourself they will probably not be a high enough resolution for the publisher. Before sending any pictures, documents and military things please contact Dave Kusel first.
Use this e-mail address for all contact information.

Please e-mail me ASAP!