Below are maps and information on a corn field that had a hail and wind storm on June 10, 1999 (the same storm as the soybean field had as shown on the previous page).

The blue lines on the image below and to the right show the path of the storm which came out of the NE (upper right) and blew through a valley and up the slope which did severe damage to this corn field.

Above is an aerial image that was taken at 6100 meters on 3/30/91
The darker areas in the field are wet spots and are marked by 1 & 2 on the yield map to the right.

Above is the yield map from this fall.
Red = 0-60, Yellow = 60 - 130, Green = 130 to 250 bu/Acre
1 & 2 are wet spots. 2 is an E slope
3 is Corn variety A and 4 is Corn variety B.

The image above is looking to the NE and down the valley.

This image shows the hail damage to the stalks.

The above image shows 2 areas in the storm path that I clipped out in Arc View to check yield.
The bottom area (area 4) is 2.69 acres and averaged 47 bu/A
The top area (area3) is 4.27 acres and averaged 98 bu/A
You'll notice more red yield points in the middle of this image where the blue line is drawn which is the waterway. The storm funneled up this waterway and did more damage to the corn as seen in the image directly below.

Above is a Vegetation Green image created by DTN Earthscan's online tools and is of the corn field on this farm that received the same hail the bean field did as shown on the previous page.
The satellite image was taken on 7/15/99.

The left 1/3 data area is 1.55 acres and yielded 107 bu/A
The middle data area is 1.4 acres and yielded 80 bu/A
So when you compare the yield to the whole area which is labeled top area (above left) you see a better analysis of the storm damage.
The wonderful thing about using a GIS tool like Arc View is you are able to analyze any area you want and in any size.


The above image is a relative vigor map created by DTN Earthscan's online tools.

The blue colored areas show the storm path and also the wet spots.

Analyzing eroded farm ground and repairing it


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