Below is a water infiltration project my niece did several years ago.

A 50 gallon drum cut in half without a bottom was used. The barrel was pushed into the ground about 5 inches.
A plastic jug filled with water was laid down in the bottom of the barrel.
A 9.5 liter jug of water was then poured on to the jug in the bottom of the barrel to prevent soil disturbance when pouring in the water. Next the jug was removed and water depth measured at 30 second intervals.

4 tests with a repetition in another area on each type were done.
Tillage without Nightcrawlers, No-Till without Nightcrawlers, No-Till with Nightcrawlers, 8 year CRP with Nightcrawlers.


Once the water had soaked in another 9.5 liters of water was poured in and timed.

The tilled field is chiseled every other year, sub soiled every so often and planted to row crops using traditional tillage methods.

Another thing about the No-Till with nightcrawlers test is the middens were counted.
There averaged 5 to 7 middens in the space of the barrel.


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