The descendants of Andreas Kusel of the Deibow, Bochin, Nausdorf and Seedorf area near Lenzen, Germany are looking for help in making the connection with the Kusels below.

Below are the Kusel names that were extracted in 1997 from the Bochin, Nausdorf, Zuggelrade, Görnitz and Seedorf church registers which are kept in Seedorf, Germany.

Friedrich George Christian Kusel and Catharina Maria Dorothea Meinecke are listed in these records.

The problem is there is a 60 year gap of missing church records. The gap is right before Friedrich & Catharina's marriage so we don't have a way at this point to make a connection to all the Kusels listed here but all of the Kusels listed below almost have to be related.

Below is a map that shows the towns of Bochin, Ferbitz, Nausdorf, Zuggelrade, Deibow, Milow, Görnitz, Seedorf and Lenzen.

All of these towns are within 10 to 12 miles of each other.


Bochin-Nausdorf-Zuggelrade-Görnitz 1682 - 1759

Note: the ß would be written out as a double s --- so Kußel would be written as Kussel.
In 1719 the Kußel name was spelled Kusel.

Michael Kußel from Zuggelrade (married: 10/31/1688)
Catherina Fritz from Gandow

Joachim Kußel from Zuggelrade (married: 11/21/1688)
Maria Hope from Deibow

Peter Kußel from Zuggelrade (married: 5/15/1703)
Engel Hope from Deibow

Joachim Kußel from Zuggelrade (married: 10/30/1703)
Anna Schere from Görnitz

Joachim Kußel from Zuggelrade (married: 2/11/1705)
Anna Wendicke

Johann Kusel from Bochin (married: 11/7/1719)
Maria Möller from Bochin

Peter Kusel from Bochin (married: 1/22/1739)
Dorothea Elisabeth Grünewaldt

Jochen Kusel (married: 11/12/1751)
Maria Elisabeth Margarethe Grünewaldt

Peter Kusel married in Sterbitz
Maria Dorothea Brauch


Missing records --------- 1760 to 1818 and 1819 to 1834
If you have any information that will help fill in these missing years please contact
David Kusel.


Bochin-Nausdorf-Zugglerade-Görnitz 1818

The first 3 Kusels in Bold Black listed immediately below are the ancestors of David Kusel we have made 100% identification on.

Friedrich George Christian Kusel born (9/30/1819) Seedorf to Nausdorf
(married: 2/21/1847 in Ferbitz)
Catharina Maria Dorothea Meinecke born (6/1/1825)
3 children of Friedrich & Catharina
Christian Heinrich Johann Kusel (10/25/1848)
Wilhelm Friedrich Joachim Kusel (6/24/1851)
Wilhelmina Carolina Maria Kusel (11/26/1853)
Parents of Friedrich Kusel--

Johann Heinrich Kusel
born (1792) Deibow and Häusler to Nausdorf
(married: 1/13/1819)
Anna Caharina Dorothea Hackert born (1781)
Father of Johann Kusel--

Andreas Kusel
from Deibow

Bochin-Nausdorf-Zugglerade-Görnitz 1835 - 1877

Kusel (12/7/1835) stillborn son of Joachim Kusel Bochin

Johann Gottlieb Erdmann Joachim Kusel Zuggelrade
(Johann G. E. J. Kusel above is father of Johann Gottlieb Erdmann Joachim Peter Kusel below)

Johann Gottlieb Erdmann Joachim Peter Kusel (1779 - 11/12/1836) Zuggelrade

George Kusel (1792 - 6/3/1837) Zuggelrade
Catharina Dorothea Anna Elisabeth

Johann Gottlieb Kusel (1785 - 2/6/1838)
Catharina Elisabeth Grünewald

Kusel (6/9/1839)
stillborn daughter of Joachim Kusel & Maria Fahnkrug

Franz George Andreas Kusel (1775 - 10/28/1841)

Kusel (10/1/1845 and 12/3/1848)
stillborn son of Joachim Kusel & Maria Fahnkrug

Anna Catharina Kusel (1781 - 3/22/1849) Nausdorf

Dorothea Kusel (1846 - 2/26/1851) Deibow

Louise Maria Kusel (1785 - 12/6/1859)

Joachim Martin Friedrich Wilhelm Kusel (1853 - 1/2/1874)

Johann Friedrich Kusel (4/21/1818 - 12/8/1876) Görnitz to Zuggelrade
son of Gottlieb Kusel


Bochin-Nausdorf-Zugglerade-Görnitz 1878 - 1898

Hans Joachim Kusel (1805 - 8/21/1878) Zuggelrade
Friederike Dorothee Elisabeth

Joachim Christian Heinrich Kusel (1814 - 2/20/1883)

Joachim Kusel (1800 - 8/27/1883)
Maria Fahnkrug

Hans Joachim Jakob Kusel (10/9/1801 - 7/21/1884) Mödlich
he had 2 sons & 3 daughters

Friedrich Gottlieb Kusel (1822 - 4/26/1886)
Wilhelmine Catharine Elisabeth

(Trissa ?) Ilsabe Maria Dorothea Kusel born (4/22/1836) Bochin

Carl Johann Kusel (10/6/1836 - 9/10/1886) Zuggelrade son of Hans Joachim Kusel
3 children ---
Hans Joachim Kusel

Friederike Iähomann

Johann Joachim Christian Gottlieb Friedrich Kusel (1823 - 4/4/1889)
Maria Sophie Wilhelmine

Joachim Friedrich Gottlieb Kusel (1812 - 1/7/1891) Zuggelrade

Albert Friedrich Kusel (1890 - 3/29/1893) Bochin

Kusel stillborn (12/7/1896) Nausdorf
child of August Kusel and Amalie Wilke

Luise Ilsabe Marie Dorothee Kusel (1836 - 9/21/1897) Bochin

Richard Albert Wilhelm Kusel (1896 - 11/7/1899) Bochin


Bochin-Nausdorf-Zugglerade-Görnitz 1900 - 1946

Adolf Herrmann Otto Kusel (1896 - 2/23/1916) Nausdorf

Friedrich Kusel (1864 - 6/26/1920) Bochin

Hermann Kusel (1809 - 9/8/1935) Nausdorf


Bochin-Nausdorf-Zugglerade-Görnitz about 1947

Herrmann August Kusel (1868 - 5/21/1953) Nausdorf

Lisbeth Kusel (1900 - 3/25/1956) Zuggelrade


Georg Grüneberg West Prignitz church register

Hans Kusel (married: 12/5/1672)

Jacob Kusel (married: 11/24/1681)


Mödlich church register

Hans Jaochim Kusel died (7/21/1884)

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