2003 International Kusel Reunion
July 26 & 27, 2003

Approximately 170 in attendance.

The big break
Through the efforts of the Vicar in Seedorf, Germany, Mary Kusel and my self we have discovered more information on my family tree.
We discovered that Andreas Kusel is my Great Great Great Great Grandfather.

Making the Kusel connection in the Seedorf, Germany church records

Making the Kusel connection in the Seedorf, Germany church records as recorded in German by the Vicar

Are you a descendant of the Andreas Kusel Family tree?
Please go to this Andreas Kusel Alphabetized web page
and search for your last name.

Unknown couple with pictures
Possibly a big break with another Kusel generation -- mysteries continue.

Looking for long lost relatives of the Christian Kusel tree

I guess the place to start the family tree would be to go over to Germany where the Kusel name came from. There are many Kusels in Germany and there are 3 towns named Kusel.
One Kusel town is in the state of Rheinland-Pfalz southeast of Luxembourg and Northeast of France.
Old maps of Oldenburg show the town of Kusel (in southern Germany) spelled Cusel.
From what I've been told Napoleon changed the spelling of lots of names and he changed Kusel to Cusel.

In 1995, Bienca Kusel (a German foreign exchange student in Audubon, Iowa) gave me some information about the Kusel name. She said that Kreisel was the original spelling.

Kreis [definition: means circle (to turn around)], and with the el [definition: means to turn around fast]. Hence Kusel means whirlwind

Then the name was changed to Kuesel

and finally to


My family starts in the USA with
Friedrich George Christian Kusel
who came over from Prussia to Davenport, Iowa in 1855

The Peter Kusel Story

Socialism & detailed Peter Kusel story

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