1981 Der Manning Liederkranz
Back: Larry Genzen, Larry Schultes, Mike Ferneding, Tom Henderson, Gordell Lamp, Keith Kelderman
Middle: Richard Crandall, Lester Joens, Leroy Schultes, Kenneth Puck, Duane Monson, Arthur Rix, Ron Halbur
Front: Melvin Renze, Clausie Bunz, Raymond Pratt, Wesley Nulle, Warren Puck, ?---?
Director Rebecca Noble

The Manning Liederkranz organization is looking for pictures of the group that were taken during the Manning Centennial in 1981 (especially a group picture).

The picture above is the only group photo that they have which is dark and blurry.

If you have a photo of the Manning Liederkranz from the Manning Centennial in 1981 please contact Dave Kusel.

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