Der Manning Liederkranz

Photo and information taken from the
Manning Centennial Book (We Can Remember) page 117
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The Manning Liederkranz was founded in 1891. The original members were H.D. Radeleff, William Shoop, H.D. Claussen, Joe Feldman, William Shoop, Henry Schrum, Martin Becker, Julius Brunnier, Gus Franke, J.J. Kruse, William Wunrath, August Reimer, Fred Miller, and Mathias Joens. William Schoop was the first president and Louie Greiner was the first director.

1891 Der Manning Liederkranz

Early 1900s Der Manning Liederkranz

1931 Der Manning Liederkranz

1981 Der Manning Liederkranz

1990s Der Manning Liederkranz

1993 Der Manning Liederkranz

1998 Der Manning Liederkranz

The Manning Liederkranz is still active and performs several times a year.
1997 was the 106th year for this organization.

In 1996 the Liederkranz sang in Des Moines at the Iowa Festival of American Folklife.

Dean Fara was a loyal member of Der Manning Liederkranz.
February 19, 2002 his short life ended.
In Memory of Dean Fara

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