Information requested for the Manning School Teachers

1 Picture of teacher.

2 Grade/s taught (town or country school)

3 Years of Teaching (Year started - Year ended)

4 Other positions (coach, yearbook, band, drama, etc.)

5 Any other military information about the teacher or other school events (newspaper clippings)

6 If Teacher is deceased please list year of birth and year of death (town laid to rest in)

7 If married please list date of marriage and spouse's name (her maiden name if from the Manning area).

8 If teacher's children went to the Manning school please list names (a short family tree overview is welcome.


9 I am interested in any/all old photos of Manning School System events such as parades, group photos etc. and newspaper clippings.


If you were a teacher it would be interesting if you could include some of your pupil's names and some memories about your teaching years in the community.

I realize this takes time to look up the information but many Manningites who frequent these web pages appreciate it.
If you have a scanner you can send me attachments of pictures.
Another option would be to have a friend scan the pictures for you.
The last option would be to mail the photos/information or if you live locally contact me and I will get them from you so I can scan the information into the computer and promptly return them to you.

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