Kusel Family Farming

Welcome to the Kusel family

around 1929
Amos Kusel front
Hilbert Kienapfel back
on JD D

Amos Kusel
trapping 1949

Amos Kusel combining soybeans Oct 1949

Amos Kusel cultivating corn 1949

Dorothy Kusel feeding her chickens June 1950

Railroad track washed out June 1950

Threshing oats 1953

Shelling corn Oct 1959
Doug Kusel, Merle Anthony, Amos Kusel, Emil Ress, Alan Kusel, Hugo Ahrendsen, Melvin Kusel, Melvin Nissen

Amos, Doug & Barry Kusel feeding cattle Dec 1961

Alan Kusel windrowing oats 1961

Melvin Kusel combing oats with 101 IH 1961

Plowing 1962
Al Kusel on IH 560
Amos Kusel on JD 60
Mel Kusel on IH 400

Planting corn 1967

Amos Kusel by fertilizer/sprayer tanks 1967

Barry, Dorothy, Amos Kusel by disk 1969

David Kusel standing on disk 1969

Tore down the corn crib in 1969

Amos Kusel,
Brad Kusel (6th generation Kusel)
Barry Kusel 1970

JD 4620 & disk/sprayer 1975

IH 856 pulling Brady chopper/chisel and applying anhydrous in fall 1975

Below is information I scanned from my great grandfather's 1888 Iowa Ag book
Iowa State Agricultural Society 1888 report

Weather in 1888

Climate & storms in 1888

Floods in 1888

Insects in 1888 Iowa

English Sparrows & Prairie Chickens

Horses in 1888

Cattle in 1888

Hogs in 1888

Dogs in 1888

Corn in 1888

Markets Crawford County Iowa in 1888

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